EPA Method 0010

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EPA Method 0010:

This method is applicable to the determination of Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) of semivolatile Principal Organic Hazardous Compounds (POHCs) from incineration systems (PHS, 1967). This method also may be used to determine particulate emission rates from stationary sources as per EPA Method 5

Gaseous and particulate pollutants are withdrawn from an emission source at an isokinetic sampling rate and are collected in a multicomponent sampling train. Principal components of the train include a high-efficiency glass- or quartz-fiber filter and a packed bed of porous polymeric adsorbent resin. The filter is used to collect organic-laden particulate materials and the porous polymeric resin to adsorb semivolatile organic species. Semivolatile species are defined as compounds with boiling points >100EC.