EPA Method 0061

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EPA Method 0061:

This method provides procedures for the determination of hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) emissions from hazardous waste incinerators, municipal waste incinerators, municipal waste combustors, and sewage sludge incinerators. With the approval of the Administrator, this method may also be used to measure total chromium. The sampling train, constructed of Teflon components, has only been evaluated at temperatures of less than 300EF. Trains constructed of other materials, for testing at higher temperatures, are currently being evaluated.

For incinerators and combustors, the Cr+6 emissions are collected isokinetically from the source: To eliminate the possibility of Cr+6 reduction between the nozzle and impinger, the emission samples are collected with a recirculatory train where the impinger reagent is continuously recirculated to the nozzle. Recovery procedures include a post-sampling purge and filtration. The impinger train samples are analyzed for Cr+6 by an ion chromatograph equipped with a post-column reactor and a visible wavelength detector. The IC/PCR separates the Cr+6 as chromate (CrO =) from 4 other diphenylcarbazide reactions that occur in the post-column reactor. To increase sensitivity for trace levels of chromium, a preconcentration system may also be used in conjunction with the IC/PCR.