EPA Method 1666

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EPA Method 1666:
Volatile Organic Compounds Specific to the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry by Isotope Dilution GC/MS

Stable, isotopically labeled analogs of the compounds of interest are added to the sample and the sample is purged with an inert gas at 45EC in a chamber designed for soil or water samples, as appropriate. In the purging process, the volatile compounds are transferred from the aqueous phase into the vapor phase, where they are passed into a sorbent column and trapped. After purging is completed, the trap is backflushed and heated rapidly to desorb the compounds into a gas chromatograph (GC). The compounds are separated by the GC and detected by a mass spectrometer (MS).

This method is for surveying and monitoring under the Clean Water Act. It is used to determine certain volatile organic pollutants specific to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry (PMI) that are amenable to purge-and-trap gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) or direct aqueous injection GC/MS.

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