EPA Method 201A

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EPA Method 201A:
DETERMINATION OF PM EMISSIONS 10 (Constant Sampling Rate Procedure)

A gas sample is extracted at a constant flow rate through an in-stack sizing device, which separates PM greater than PM . 10 Variations from isokinetic sampling conditions are maintained within well-defined limits. The particulate mass is determined gravimetrically after removal of uncombined water.

This method applies to the in-stack measurement of particulate matter (PM) emissions equal to or less than an aerodynamic diameter of nominally 10 ?m (PM ) from stationary sources. The EPA 10 recognizes that condensible emissions not collected by an in-stack method are also PM , and that emissions that contribute to ambient PM levels are the 10 sum of condensible emissions and emissions measured by an in-stack PM10 method, such as this method or Method 201. Therefore, for establishing source contributions to ambient levels of PM , such as for emission inventory 10 purposes, EPA suggests that source PM measurement include both in-stack PM 10 and condensible emissions. Condensible emissions may be measured by an impinger analysis in combination with this method.

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51 App M

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