EPA Method 353.2

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EPA Method 353.2:
Nitrate-Nitrite Nitrogen by Colorimetry. Official Name: Nitrogen, Nitrate-Nitrite (Colorimetric, Automated, Cadmium Reduction)

A filtered sample is passed through a column containing granulated copper-cadmium to reduce nitrate to nitrite. The nitrite (that originally present plus that reduced to nitrate) is determined by diazotizing with sulfanilamide and coupling with N-(1-naphthyl)-ethylenediamine dihydrochloride to form a highly colored azo dye which is measured colorimetrically. Separate, rather than combined nitrate-nitrite, values are readily obtained by carrying out the procedure first with, and then without, the Cu-Cd reduction step.

This method pertains to the determination of nitrite singly, or nitrite and nitrate combined in surface and saline waters; and domestic and industrial wastes.

Methods for the Determination of Inorganic Substances in Environmental Samples (EPA/600/R-93/100)

(1) Build up of suspended matter in the reduction column will restrict sample flow. Since nitrate-nitrogen is found in a soluble state, the sample may be pre-filtered.(2) High concentrations of iron, copper, or other metals.(3) Large concentrations of oil and grease will coat the surface of the cadmium.

QC Requirements:
Not included.

Maximum Holding Time:
28 Days (nitrate+nitrite)48 hours (nitrate or nitrite, singly)(MCAWW, Table 1).



0.05 - 10 mg/L

Precision and accuracy values were calculated using interlaboratory data from EPA-managed Water Pollution (WP) performance evaluation studies.

The lowest level of detection was taken from the lowest end of the range specified in the method.

Revision Number:
Revision 2.0, August 1993

Test Description:
Nitrate-Nitrate by A

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Instrument used for this test: