EPA Method 3585

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EPA Method 3585:

Highly contaminated or highly complex samples may be diluted prior to analysis for volatiles using direct injection. One gram of sample is weighed into a capped tube or volumetric flask. The sample is diluted to 2.0 - 10.0 mL with n-hexadecane or other appropriate solvent. Diluted samples are injected into the GC or GC/MS for analysis.

This method describes a solvent dilution of a non-aqueous waste sample prior to direct injection analysis. It is designed for use in conjunction with GC or GC/MS analysis of wastes that may contain organic chemicals at a concentration greater than 1 mg/kg and that are soluble in the dilution solvent. Method 3585 has adequate sensitivity to determine the regulatory concentrations of the Toxicity Characteristic (TC) Rule.

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 4.2.1