EPA Method 5000

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EPA Method 5000:

Method 5000 provides general guidance on the selection of sample preparation methods (purge-and-trap, extraction, azeotropic distillation, vacuum distillation, dilution, headspace, etc.) for introducing volatile organic compounds into a detection device (outlined in the determinative methods). The matrices include aqueous, soil/sediment, solid waste, organic solvents, air, and oily waste. Other waste matrices may be adaptable to one or more of the listed preparation methods.

Method 5000 provides general information that is common to each of the methods listed in Sec. 1.0. Specifically, this includes: interference problems that are common to any volatile organic sample preparation method; preparation of calibration standards, internal standards, surrogate spikes, laboratory control samples (LCSs), and matrix spikes; a brief summary of each of the methods; and the specific quality control procedures that should be applied to each of the preparative methods.