EPA Method 501.3

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EPA Method 501.3:
Measurement Of Trihalomethanes In Drinking Water With Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry And Selected Ion Monitoring

Trihalomethanes are removed (purged) from the sample matrix by bubbling helium through the aqueous sample. Purged trihalomethanes and other sufficiently volatile sample components with sufficiently low water solubility are sorbed onto Tenax-GCR (a porous polymer based on 2,6- diphenyl-p-phenylene oxide) contained in a stainless steel tube. When purging is complete, the sorbent tube is heated and backflushed with helium to desorb purged sample components into a gas chromatograph (GC) interfaced to a mass spectrometer (MS). Trihalomethanes eluting from the GC column are identified and measured by acquiring mass spectral data for selected ions that are characteristic of individual trihalomethanes.

This method provides procedures for identification and measurement of the four regulated trihalomethanes (chloroform, bromoform, bromodichloromethane, and chlorodibromomethane) in finished drinking water, raw source water, or drinking water in any treatment stage.