EPA Method 5030C

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EPA Method 5030C:

This method describes a purge-and-trap procedure for the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in aqueous samples and water miscible liquid samples. It also describes the analysis of high concentration soil and waste sample extracts prepared in Method 5035. The gas chromatographic determinative steps are found in Methods 8015 and 8021. The method is also applicable to GC/MS Method 8260.

Aqueous Samples: An inert gas is bubbled through a portion of the aqueous sample at ambient temperature or an elevated temperature depending on the desired target analytes, and the volatile components are efficiently transferred from the aqueous phase to the vapor phase. The vapor is swept through a sorbent column where the volatile components are adsorbed. After purging is completed, the sorbent column is heated and backflushed with inert gas to desorb the components onto a gas chromatographic column.