EPA Method 6010B

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EPA Method 6010B:

Prior to analysis, samples must be solubilized or digested using appropriate Sample Preparation Methods (e.g. Chapter Three). When analyzing groundwater samples for dissolved constituents, acid digestion is not necessary if the samples are filtered and acid preserved prior to analysis.

Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) determines trace elements, including metals, in solution. The method is applicable to all of the elements listed in Table 1. All matrices, excluding filtered groundwater samples but including ground water, aqueous samples, TCLP and EP extracts, industrial and organic wastes, soils, sludges, sediments, and other solid wastes, require digestion prior to analysis. Groundwater samples that have been prefiltered and acidified will not need acid digestion. Samples which are not digested must either use an internal standard or be matrix matched with the standards. Refer to Chapter Three for the appropriate digestion procedures.

Test Description:
Inorganics by ICP -

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 3.3

Instrument used for this test: