EPA Method 8030A

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EPA Method 8030A:
Acrolein and Acrylonitrile by Gas Chromatography

Method 8030 provides gas chromatographic conditions for the detection of the target analytes. Samples can be analyzed using direct injection or purge- and-trap (Method 5030). Tenax should be used as the trap packing material. Ground water samples must be analyzed using Method 5030. A temperature program is used in the gas chromatograph to separate the organic compounds. Detection is achieved by a flame ionization detector (FID).

Method 8030 is used to determine the concentration of the following volatile organic compounds: Acrolein (Propenal) 107-02-8 and Acrylonitrile 107-13-1

Samples can be contaminated by diffusion of volatile organics (particularly chlorofluorocarbons and methylene chloride) through the sample container septum during shipment and storage. A trip blank prepared from organic-free reagent water and carried through sampling and subsequent storage and handling can serve as a check on such contamination.