EPA Method 8260C

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EPA Method 8260C:

This method is used to determine volatile organic compounds in a variety of solid waste matrices. This method is applicable to nearly all types of samples, regardless of water content, including various air sampling trapping media, ground and surface water, aqueous sludges, caustic liquors, acid liquors, waste solvents, oily wastes, mousses, tars, fibrous wastes, polymeric emulsions, filter cakes, spent carbons, spent catalysts, soils, and sediments.

The volatile compounds are introduced into the gas chromatograph by the purge-andtrap method or by other methods. The analytes are introduced directly to a widebore capillary column, or cryofocussed on a capillary pre-column before being flash evaporated to a narrow-bore capillary for analysis, or the effluent from the trap is sent to an injection port operating in the split mode for injection to a narrow-bore capillary column. The column is temperature-programmed to separate the analytes, which are then detected with a mass spectrometer (MS) interfaced to the gas chromatograph (GC).