EPA Method 8520

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EPA Method 8520:

A modified portable commercial analyzer which consists of a small diaphragm pump, an analytical module, a colorimeter with glass flow cells, a peristaltic pump and tubing, and a 12 volt rechargeable battery for optional DC power operation is used for this method. An acidified pararosaniline scrubber solution is pumped through the reference cell in the colorimeter and is then diluted 1:1 with a liquid flow stream containing water. The diluted solution then passes into an air scrubber coil where formaldehyde is quantitatively absorbed from the air sample stream. After the liquid and air are separated, the sample solution is mixed 1:1 with a dilute aqueous Na SO 2 3 reagent. A series of time delay coils allow 16 minutes for color development of the chromophore. The colored product is continuously detected as it passes through the sample cell by a UV-Visible spectrophotometer set at 550 nm and is recorded on a strip chart recorder or an automated data acquisition system.

This method is applicable to the continuous measurement of formaldehyde (CAS No. 50- 00-0) in ambient air. This method is for use primarily for nonoccupational exposure monitoring.

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 4.3.4