EPA Method 9022

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EPA Method 9022:

A sample of water that has been protected against the loss of volatiles by the elimination of headspace in the sampling container, and that is free of undissolved solids, is passed through a column containing 40 mg of granular activated carbon (GAC). The column is washed to remove any trapped inorganic halides. The GAC sample is exposed to thermal neutron bombardment, creating a radioactive isotope. Gamma-ray emission, which is unique to each halogen, is counted. The areas of the resulting peaks are directly proportional to the concentrations of the halogens.

Method 9022 determines Total Organic Halides (TOX) in aqueous samples. The method uses a carbon adsorption procedure identical to that of Method 9020 (TOX analysis using a microcoulometric-titration detector), irradiation by neutron bombardment, and then detection using a gamma-ray detector.

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 5