EPA Method 9023

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EPA Method 9023:

A 1-gram aliquot of solid sample is extracted with ethyl acetate by sonification to isolate organic halides. A 25 ?L aliquot of the extract is either injected or delivered by boat inlet into a pyrolysis furnace using a stream of CO /O (or appropriate alternate gas mixture) and the hydrogen 2 2 halide (HX) pyrolysis product is determined by microcoulometric titration.

This method is to be used for the determination of total extractable organic halides (EOX) as Cl- in solids. EOX is defined as the sum of those organic halides which are extracted and detected by pyrolysis/microcoulometry under the conditions specified in this method. Extractable organic halides containing chlorine, bromine, or iodine are detected. However, fluorine containing species are not detected by this method.

Test Description:
Extractible Organic

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 5

Instrument used for this test: