EPA Method 9056A

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EPA Method 9056A:
Anion Chromatography Method. Official Name: Determination Of Inorgainic Anions By Ion Chromatography

A small volume (2-3 mL) of sample is injected into an ion chromatograph to flush and fill a constant volume sample loop. The sample is then injected into a stream of carbonate-bicarbonate eluent of the same strength as the sample. The samples are passed through three ion exchange columns (with different functionalities), and compounds are identified by retention time, and quantitated by peak height or area (by comparison with a standard calibration curve).

This method is applicable to the determination of chloride, fluoride, bromide, nitrate, phosphate, and sulfate in the collection solutions from the bomb combustion of solid waste samples, as well as all water samples.

SW-846 Update IVB

QC Requirements:
Mid-range calibration standard every 10 injections; sample duplicate (1 in every 10 samples), MS

Maximum Holding Time:



0.2 - 100mg/L. Ranges differ for each analyte. This range is taken from the lowest and highest limit of the analytes listed in the method.


Value corresponds to MDL determined per 40 CFR part 136, Appendix B.

Revision Number:
Revision 1, November 2000

Test Description:
Total Halogens