EPA Method 9080

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EPA Method 9080:

The soil is mixed with an excess of 1 N ammonium acetate solution. This results in an exchange of the ammonium cations for exchangeable cations present in the soil. The excess ammonium is removed, and the amount of exchangeable ammonium is determined.

Method 9080 is used to determine the cation-exchange capacity of soils. The method is not applicable to soils containing appreciable amounts of vermiculite clays, kaolin, halloysite, or other 1:1-type clay minerals. They should be analyzed by the sodium acetate method. That method is also generally the preferred method for very calcareous soils. For distinctly acid soils, the cation-exchange capacity by summation method should be employed.

Test Description:
Cation-Exchange Capa

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 6