EPA Method 9090A

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EPA Method 9090A:

In order to estimate waste/liner compatibility, the liner material is immersed in the chemical environment for minimum periods of 120 days at room temperature (23 + 2EC) and at 50 + 2EC. In cases where the FML will be used in a chemical environment at elevated temperatures, the immersion testing shall be run at the elevated temperatures if they are expected to be higher than 50EC. Whenever possible, the use of longer exposure times is recommended. Comparison of measurements of the membrane's physical properties, taken periodically before and after contact with the waste fluid, is used to estimate the compatibility of the liner with the waste over time.

Method 9090 is intended for use in determining the effects of chemicals in a surface impoundment, waste pile, or landfill on the physical properties of flexible membrane liner (FML) materials intended to contain them. Data from these tests will assist in deciding whether a given liner material is acceptable for the intended application.

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 6