EPA Method 9096

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EPA Method 9096:

A representative sample of the liquid-loaded sorbent, standing 10 cm high in the device, is placed between twin stainless steel screens and two stainless-steel grids, in a device capable of simulating landfill overburden pressures. An absorptive filter paper is placed on the side of each stainlesssteel grid opposite the sample (i.e., the stainless-steel screen separates the sample and the filter paper, while the stainless-steel grid provides a small air gap to prevent wicking of liquid from the sample onto the filter paper). A compressive force of 50 psi is applied to the top of the sample. Release of liquid is indicated when a visible wet spot is observed on either filter paper.

The Liquid Release Test (LRT) is a laboratory test designed to determine whether or not liquids will be released from sorbents when they are subjected to overburden pressures in a landfill.

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 6