EPA Method TO-16

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EPA Method TO-16:
Long-Path Open-Path Fourier Transform Infrared Monitoring Of Atmospheric Gases

For the purpose of this document the operation of an FT-IR remote sensor is divided into two parts. The first is initial data acquisition after the system has been set up by the manufacturer and the second is what is considered to be routine data acquisition. The first of these data acquisition periods is intended to produce data that will form the basis of a quality assurance data set. The second is devoted to the production of time sequences of atmospheric gas concentration data.

Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy used for open-path monitoring of atmospheric gases is undergoing a vigorous development and growth period. Until now the developmental effort and the most of the data acquisition have been performed by highly trained individuals experienced in the fields of instrument development and spectroscopy. In the future, operators trained at the technician level will be required to perform the operation routinely. This method is intended to address that need. Specifically, the method is intended to allow trained technicians to acquire data in a standardized way and to process that data to obtain atmospheric gas concentrations. The primary intent is that the results will be obtained in a consistent fashion.

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