EPA Methods 800 Series

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Welcome to the comprehensive database of EPA methods. These test methods are EPA-approved procedures for measuring the presence and concentration of physical and chemical pollutants; evaluating properties, such as toxic properties, of chemical substances; or measuring the effects of substances under various conditions. The EPA does not release test methods for all chemicals, but only those which it regulates. If you seek other methods besides the EPA, try the general.

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EPA Method 810

EPA Method 810.1000
Overview, Definitions, and General Considerations

EPA Method 810.2100
Sterilants?Efficacy Data Recommendations

EPA Method 810.3000
General Considerations for Efficacy of Invertebrate Control Agents

EPA Method 810.3100
Soil Treatments for Imported Fire Ants

EPA Method 810.3200
Livestock, Poultry, Furand Wool-Bearing Animal Treatments

EPA Method 810.3300
Treatments to Control Pests of Humans and Pets

EPA Method 810.3400
Mosquito, Black Fly, and Biting Midge (Sand Fly) Treatments

EPA Method 810.3500
Premises Treatments

EPA Method 810.3600
Structural Treatments

EPA Method 810.3800
Methods for Efficacy Testing of Termite Baits

Acid Volatile Sulfide and Selected Simultaneously Extractable Metals in Sediment Draft 1991

EPA Method 830

EPA Method 830.1000
Background for Product Properties Test Guidelines

EPA Method 830.1550
Product Identity and Composition

EPA Method 830.1600
Description of Materials Used to Produce the Product

EPA Method 830.1620
Description of Production Process

EPA Method 830.1650
Description of Formulation Process

EPA Method 830.1670
Discussion of Formation of Impurities

EPA Method 830.1700
Preliminary Analysis

EPA Method 830.1750
Certified Limits

EPA Method 830.1800
Enforcement Analytical Method

EPA Method 830.1900
Submittal of Samples

EPA Method 830.6302

EPA Method 830.6303
Physical State