Summit Environmental Technologies is one of the few laboratories certified for Restrictive Hazardous Substances (RHS) in electrical and electronic equipment testing.

Hazardous Waste Environmental Services

Regardless of your testing needs, Summit Environmental Technologies has the latest equipment for specialized testing services such as:

  • Dioxin/Furan via method 23A,
  • PBB,
  • PBDE,
  • PCB Congeners
  • Method 26A,
  • Method 29A,
  • Mercury via methods:
    • 1631E,
    • TCLP,
    • Cluster Rule testing,
    • AOX and
    • Dioxin/Furan via method 8290.

Preventing Environmental Health Hazards

PBB’s are an organic compound found in flame-retardants and can cause weight loss, skin disorders, nervous and immune systems effects.

PBDE’s can be detected in every facet of the environment including sediments, sewage, sludge, as well as meat, dairy products and human blood. PBDE’s have been linked to developmental, immune and endocrine effects.

Be safe and trust your samples to Summit Environmental Technologies, give us a call: 1-800-278-0140

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